Erica Lewis

Erica Lewis is the Asset Building Fellows operations director. For 15+ years, she’s helped small, service-based businesses and larger organizations streamline their processes. She owns Erica Lewis Business Services where she provides web and process design and development services to small businesses and non profit organizations.

Apollos “JP” Kimbrough

Apollos Kimbrough is an entrepreneur, investor, performance coach, and sales funnel strategist. Students have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and passion for serving, and the power of his message meets the needs of clients where they are.

For several years, Apollos has been dedicated to delivering the transformational strategies for those seeking impact and the next level of success, outside of the traditional path of employment.

KimbroAscent is an organization committed to bringing the power of self-education and philanthropy to our underserved community. He launched the KimbroAscent Mastermind with the goal of helping student-athletes gain the leadership, mindset, strategies, and tools to achieve confidence and success in the marketplace.

 Mr. Kimbrough also founded Emergent Speed Strength & Conditioning to provide underdog athletes with sports performance training and scholarship assistance, so they experience true potential while avoiding the tragedy of student loan debt.


LaVonya James

LaVonya J., founder and CEO of LDJ Web Design, is just like you. She created a DIY site. She struggled and stressed over bringing more qualified clients into her business. She wanted to scale and grow her business without giving up the things most important to her: time with family and friends.

Along the way, she discovered she loved the tech stuff: SEO, digital marketing, WordPress, web design, solving unique problems. All. Of. It.

She invested time to learn about effective web design, refining and improving her own site and brand along the way. She stays on top of industry trends and technology—so you don’t have to!

Ibet Raya

Ibet Raya is a senior student at the University of North Carolina in Asheville who studies Mass Communication and Business Management. Ibet will be graduating from UNCA in the Spring of 2021.

She is a proficient writer who enjoys video editing, and she is also fluent in both English and Spanish. Ibet believes that the best way to learn is through hands-on experience and hopes to improve upon her skills and learn new skills.

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